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Ravensworth House



here are the reasons why:


Unfortunately the market is changing for us in the way that people book their holidays with us. More and more people are innocently booking through booking agents such as Booking.com and Laterooms etc etc because they see it as easy, convenient and simplistic to book their accommodation and do not realise that they are paying more themselves and also costing the hotelier at least 15% plus VAT of the total value of their booking in booking agents fees. As a small business with tight margins, this significantly decreases our profitability and reduces what investments we can make in the property in order to meet the expectations of our customers and improvements to the quality of our accommodation.


These agents pay Google and other search engines mind blowing sums of money to control and ensure that their own websites are at the top. As a result, if you type in any guest house/hotel/b&b business name and town you will see that these agents come out top and not the relevant guest house/hotel/b&b even though you have put specific keyword search requirements as these are considerably lower down the page in the results. If   small businesses like ours don’t go on them then these results show that we have no availability (which is false) and encourages you to try businesses that ARE on these sites. Most of the guest houses/small hotels/b&b’s are independently owned and their margins are very tight and by booking directly helps them maximise whatever small profits they make, ensuring 100% that all profits go back into the local community.


For instance, Booking.com are Booking.com BV for British Virgin Islands and their registered address is Netherlands. How can this be fair when they offset their affairs to maximise all tax avoidance but ALL small businesses like us pay their fair share?

Annually, over £300 million is paid by accommodation providers just in Cornwall alone in booking agents commission fees. That is £300 million that was lost to the local economy. The 'domino' effect that this has on the local economy can be devastating to local businesses.


Most of the booking agents are not registered in this country and do not pay the necessary taxes due to current loopholes in the tax system, similar to what we have already seen in the news with the likes of huge corporate companies Amazon, Starbucks and Google so the overall effect is far reaching.